Do you have Dental Phobia?

You may have experienced or asked yourself…

  • Have you ever had really painful injections?
  • Are you about to have lots of treatment done and want to make it easier?
  • Are you not that scared but about to have root canal or a tooth removed?
  • Have you ever had your teeth drilled by a dentist when the anaesthesia or the injections didn’t work properly and the dentist carried on?

  • Does your jaw get tight and sore for days after from having to always “open wider”?
  • Have you ever put off dental work because the thought of a painful appointment tied your stomach in knots?
  • Have you ever put off treatment because you think you’d left it so long, you were going to get told off or made to feel like an idiot?
  • Have you ever thought, “with all the advances in modern medicine, THERE MUST BE WAY to get my teeth fixed without pain and nerve shattering stress?”

Any of this sound familiar?

There is hope…

Who are UKS?

Rob Endicott


Managing Director UK Sedation
Visiting Sedationist and Mentor


BDS (Birm 1997)

GDC 73516

Dr Munir Ravalia


Head of Psychology Team Supervisor
Oral Surgeon and Visiting Sedationist


BDS MFDS Rcs Eng Cons Sed DCHyp

GDC 80995

Dr Carelyn Isaac


Visiting Sedationist and Clinical Lead


BSc BDS (Kings)
MSc (London)

GDC No: 211274

Dr Ameer Allybocus


Education Supervisor UKSedation and Visiting Sedationist



GDC 258590

Dr Angela Northfield


Visiting Sedationist and Clinical Lead


BDS (Lond 2009)
MJDF (RCS Eng 2011)

GDC 177534

Kevin Rose


Leadership and Business Development Coach for Dental and Oral Health

Our mission is to help patients receive quality dentistry with as little fuss, hassle, discomfort and stress as possible using modern technology.


We are a team of Dentists who focus on Dental Phobia and Dental Sedation in various clinics throughout the UK.


We, as dentists, know that what we are doing is really “not all that bad”, but try being on the end of it, without any control over what is going on!!!!


As working as Dentists we have come across more and more people whose fear of the dentist has been made worse and worse by things like the “GUILT SPIRAL”.

sedation specialists england

The Guilt Spiral

Its a very simple idea, you have a hole in your tooth, you know you’ve got to get it sorted out. But you’ve had a bad experience in the past so you delay.


The hole gets worse so the fear increases because you think it’s going to be worse than when this thing started. You start to feel guilty that you never had it fixed in the first place. And of course, most Dentists will tell you off for letting it get this way.


Other teeth then get affected, the fear increases, as so the guilt. The Cycle Continues!

We do find that quite often, by breaking the spiral and having your teeth repaired painlessly and comfortably, the phobia lessens, meaning you are more likely to be able to seek regular care without needing drugs.  If it doesn’t though, we still don’t mind giving you sedation!


If this makes sense to you and anything rings true, please contact our team.


We offer Dental Intravenous Sedation in the UK for people who have dental phobias, are scared of the dentist or who just don’t like going and would rather a more comfortable experience.